About the Speech Sound Monsters (Phonetic Symbols for Kids)
Created by The Reading Whisperer®

Message from Miss Emma

I'm known as The Reading Whisperer as I have a passion; I teach all learners* to read and spell, arguably more quickly and easily than anyone else in the world. 

Although I have a BEd Hons and Masters Degree in Special Educational Needs I am able to do this not because of any training or qualifications, but because of my rapport with learners, an understanding of what each individual needs (within minutes) and the tools and skills to overcome and 'blocks' they may have, for example, poor phonemic awareness.

Contact me to demonstrate these skills - for example you can book a 'Visible Assessment'  whereby your teaching team watch me working with a student in upper primary, who is still not reading and spell at 'grade level' despite all the interventions you have tried so far. Sessions are also recorded and you can pick them apart at in-service training, and to shift the way you teach reading and spelling school wide, in order to meet the needs of all learners, including those with dyslexia. 

I teach very young children to read in The Reading Hut
* without an intellectual impairment. However all learners will reach their potential, even if there are limitations with regards to comprehension,

The Reading Whisperer
Miss Emma The Reading Whisperer - Phonetic Symbols for Kids!

Demonstrating phonemic awareness. The Speech Sound Monsters offer us a brilliant diagnostic tool, even if the child has speech and language difficulties, or is non verbal. They show us the Speech Sounds they can hear in spoken words, and how each is organised from left to right. 

When children are 3 and 4 they often do not know the graphemes used to represent the speech sounds on paper. We also want to isolate the phonemic awareness skills from alphabetic code knowledge, to ensure we understand what is likely making the learning to read and spell process difficult (or going to make it more difficult for them) Early Intervention is key. 

I teach 3 and 4 year olds to read. I couldn't do this as effectively without the Speech Sound Monsters. 
See how I do this in The Reading Hut. The I Can Read Without You (ICRWY) Project.